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Calorie Calculator Best Way to Weight Loss

In this article calorie calculator will help you to make your mindset and estimate the number of calories that we have been burning each days, this target will help you enough in weight loss.

The energy content of foods and beverages that we consume in our daily life is measured in calorie. It is widely & commonly used unit of energy for food all around the globe. A calorie of food also determines the amount of food that we need to consume to remain fit and healthy.

calorie calculator
calorie calculator

An amount of calories needed to consume depends upon person body, age, gender, lifestyle, and work. People who perform more physical work should consume more calories of food than people working inside with less physical work. Normally growing and working-age people should consume more calorie of food. The body requires more energy for them; however, the people of the old age 65+ should consume fewer calories of food because they do not need more power.

Calorie Calculator

Generally, a man should consume more calorie food than women. But it may differ on differences in the amount of physical labor. A man should consume about 2500 calories of food daily to maintain his body weight. But women should consume about 2000 calories of food daily to maintain body weight. More calorie consumption causes weight increase leading to obesity and overweight related problems. Low-calorie consumption causes weight loss leading to malnutrition and starvation related problems.

The heath of the person and metabolic rate also determine the amount of calorie to be consumed.

Reducing Calorie Intake Without Starving Yourself

You need to consume intake more calorie than consumed by the body to gain weight but low-calorie intake than consumed by the body to lose weight.

The dietary changes can reduce calories intake without starving yourselves from food.

We have listed some of the lifestyle changes that you need to bring to reduce calorie intake without starving yourselves.

Increase protein intake

Protein helps to decrease the calorie intake of the body. It also reduces food craving and appetite for high calories food. Protein containing food mainly includes meat, fish, eggs, beans, and cereals. This food can help to maintain calorie intake on the human body. More consumption of this protein and fiber containing food will decrease calorie intake, increases metabolic rate-making body energetic and healthier.

Studies have shown that protein in the most common and effective filling nutrient. More the amount of protein in food less the calorie consumption by an individual.

Which seems to be one of the most effective steps to lower our body weight.  It helps to achieve a state of ketosis and breakdown the stored fat in our body.

If you want to lose our fat belly consider taking protein in your diet regularly.

Reduce sugary beverages and alcoholic drinks

Another way to control calorie consumption of the body is to avoid sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages. Fruit juice and soda also must be avoided.

These types of drinks contain a huge amount of calories, but the human brain does not identify liquid calorie the same as a solid calorie.

Studies have shown that consumption of sugary drinks and fruit juice have caused overweight and obesity problems. A large number of children are at risk of overweight due to consumption of sugary Drinks with lots of sugar are not only linked to obesity, but it also can cause serious effect on the metabolic process and functioning of the human body.

Well, we all know how much harm is alcoholic products is for the human body. It causes fatty liver and induces various health-related problems.

Reduced  carbohydrates intake

Reduced carbs intake is one of the best ways to control calorie intake. Controlling carbohydrates intake can control food craving behavior of the human body.

Low carbohydrates consumption decrease the level of blood sugar available for energy. It progresses the fat breakdown mechanism and helps to reduce our body weight.

Decrees in blood sugar level have many health benefits instead of fat breakdown. It helps to maintain blood pressure, temperature, blood movement and prevents diabetes and different heart-related problems.

Studies have shown that the processed industrial foods contain high carbohydrates amount which is the leading cause of obesity and overweight in people of this generations.

Exercise and weight lifts

The amount of calorie that a body requires is determined by the amount and intensity of physical work.

People who perform outside work, labor can consume more calorie of food than the people who work inside without any intensive labor.

Normal regular exercise like a pushup, chin-ups, sit-ups, and jogging can also help to burn the excess calorie of food consumed daily.

Low calories intake can cause the breakdown of muscle mass. However, taking the appropriate amount of calorie and involving on regular exercise can help you to burn the calorie consumed from food.

Drink plenty of water

A very simple trick to lose weight is to drink plenty of water.

It helps to reduce the appetite can prevent an individual from consuming high calories of food. It also boosts the metabolic functioning of the human body which helps in calories burning.

However, the timing of drink water is a key part. Drinking of water before meals help to reduce the appetite of a human.

How many calories you consume should be calculated depending on whether you want to maintain or gain or lose weight. The height, age, body weight, exercise, and health condition determines the number of calories be consumed.

Reducing calorie consumption does not mean starving yourselves. But simple lifestyle changes can also help you to lose weight.

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